At the time of the reservation, you will sign a lease contract for the holiday home. Once you have read the contract, you can initiate the reservation, in which you confirm your data and the unconditional agreement to the clauses of the contract. Fill the whole form, print a copy on paper, sign it and send it to us. The form must provide details of all participants (including children, and any additional guests). If you have any questions, please contact Villa Rossini by e-mail: info@villarossini.it or telephone: +39 0583 94484 – Mobile: Marco +39 339 5446867. Emanuela 349.8796919.
A) The reservation of the house will be made on who will sign the reservation form.
b) As soon as we receive your reservation (after you have verified the availability of the house), we will send by fax or e-mail our booking confirmation.
c) At the receipt of our booking confirmation you will be required to immediately pay 50% of the total amount for the requested period. If there are less than 60 days between the booking and the day of your arrival, you will be required to pay 100% of the total amount immediately.
a) Upon receipt of the booking confirmation the payment must be immediate for 50% of the amount. Payment must be made by bank transfer to the current account indicated in the confirmation letter.
b) The amount of the payment must be credited to our Bank Account, without further solicitation, 60 days prior to arrival.
c) If payment is not made on our bank account in the time indicated, the booking request will be considered null and void.
d) In case of delayed arrival or early departure from what is stated in the booking form, no partial refund of the rental price will be made to you.
a) Arrival and departure take place on Saturdays.
b) The arrival is between 16:00 and 19:00. After 4:00 pm you will be allowed to take possession of the house, but not before. A manager will wait for you. In case of delay, you must warn the structure first.
c) On arrival you will have to show the identification documents (Passport, Identity Card) of all the members indicated in the booking form.
d) The departure time is between 08:00 and 10:00: the house is not available after 10:00 of the day of departure.
e) On your departure, remember to left the apartment, in good condition, clean and tidy. Otherwise, the owner can request an additional cleaning fee.
a) The deposit (or security deposit) represents the warranty for the owner in case of damage to the house during your stay. The deposit must be paid in cash (€ 200) at the arrival, with the delivery of the keys. Unless other agreements are made, the deposit will be returned to you (unless damage) when you leave the house, after a check (we therefore kindly ask you to allow us the time necessary for the inspection at the time of your departure).
b) If the repair costs for any damage suffered by the house exceed the deposit, the owner has the right to demand the difference.
The following conditions and cancellation costs will apply: – up to 61 days before the start of the rental period, 30% of the total price – between 60 and 46 days before the start of the rental period, 50% of the price total – between 45 and 11 days before the start of the rental period, 90% of the total price – from 10 days until the first day of rental, 100% of the total price.

The additional conditions regulate the use of the house, the garden, and the pool for the duration of the contract. This obliges you to treat the house with care. The signer of the contract is responsible for all the persons indicated in the contract. a) The house and services indicated in the contract are those specified on this Website. b) Pets are accepted; permission to bring pets must be confirmed in writing by Villa Rossini.
c) At the time of departure the house must be left clean and tidy, the dishes, cutlery and dishes washed and put back in the proper place, and the garbage must be brought to the collection point.
d) All electrical devices and other equipment in the home must be handled with care.
e) The owner, or his representative, has access to the garden and the swimming pool.
f) For the use of the house, the garden and the swimming pool, every responsibility is delegated to the signer of the contract. The responsibility of the children lies with the parents, the legal guardian or their representatives.

Villa Rossini can only withdraw from the contract before the beginning of the period of stay, or cancel the contract afterwards if one of the following cases occurs:
a) Without any notice period if the lessee, previously warned, does not respect the clauses of the contract he has signed.
b) Up to 4 weeks before the beginning of the period of stay, if the obligation to make the rent after all options are excluded, would require excessive financial sacrifice for Villa Rossini regarding the rental in question. In case of cancellation of the contract, the lessee will be immediately reimbursed for all the charges incurred. If the execution of the contract can not take place due to force majeure, unforeseeable at the time the contract is signed, both parties will be authorized to request the cancellation of the contract.
Any cancellation of a clause does not cause the cancellation of the total contract. For any legal controversy, the competent court is the Court of Lucca.